Monday, October 1, 2012

Tonight's run and perspective

I set out for a 3 mile run tonight just before 6pm. That's a popular time to be on the trails around here; everyone's out of work and the sun is still out. There are a lot of fit, athletic, outdoorsy folks in my part of the world, and I see them out on my runs quite often.

Tonight was a bit depressing. I started off on my warm-up walk, and was passed by two attractive young people running at a decent clip and holding a conversation. If I was running at their pace, I'd be wheezing and done in about 2 minutes. My own run was okay, but not fantastic; I pushed myself a bit and breathed quite hard. Although I ran under a 12mm pace, I still want more than I have right now and it's hard to be patient and wait for the results of my work.

When I got home, got showered, and thought about it, I realized that I haven't been running that long. In June I couldn't run for a measly minute. Two days ago I ran for an hour and reached my farthest distance to date, 4.5 miles. Impatience is a part of my personality; while I know this about me, it doesn't make it any easier to wait. Sometimes I just need to take a moment and think about where I've been to appreciate where I am now, and not worry too much about the future.

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