Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upcoming races

Calf feels better today, but still decided to take the day off to make sure I give it rest and make sure I don't reinjure it or make it worse. The idea of a run wasn't terribly tempting today anyway; I think I've been a little tired and run down lately, and it was nice to use my unexpected day off from work to putz around the house and not worry about having to do anything.

I'm the kind of person where if I don't have motivation to keep me honest, I let things slide... I lose interest... and next thing I know, I'm done. In order to prevent this with running, I've decided to sign up for a bunch races and give myself something to work toward. My boyfriend and I ran a couple of 5K races in September, and we've signed up for 5K races coming up in October and November with a really good friend. We've also signed up for another 5K in December. I've also got my eye on a 10K in January, although I haven't signed up since I want to make sure I can actually run it. The first couple races are for Halloween and Thanksgiving; the second is in fact on Thanksgiving Day. I'm hoping that by Halloween, I'll see the improvement I've been waiting for the last few weeks.

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