Sunday, October 7, 2012

Online support

I've been lurking on the  Runner's World Beginners forum for several weeks now. The people there are very helpful; lots of opinions, lots of folks at various stages of their running careers. Some have been running for decades; others, like me, having been running for mere months. It's fascinating to read their stories, their ups and downs, and race reports. I often see great questions and even better answers. It's a place for inspiration and commiseration, sympathy, support and cheerleading.
Part of the joy of finding this forum is the miles game. There are maybe half a dozen teams. Each week, players submit their miles, and each teams' place in the weekly standings is determined by the average miles of all its members. It's not uber-competitive, but it does give me an added incentive to make sure I'm getting out there and keeping up my running. I had a lower week last week, and I'm motivated this week to do better. Go Team Phoenix Rising!

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