Saturday, September 29, 2012

My favorite sports bra ever.

I used to get cheapie sports bras from Target. They don't provide the support I need for running, though, and were questionable for the other athletic stuff I do. I finally decided to break down and buy myself a big girl sports bra!
I had a coupon for a local sports store, so I checked out their stock. I really like the sports bra I got from them, I do, but it's not my favorite.

Under Armour Endure sports bra

I really like the criss-cross straps in the back, but the front of it cuts a bit into my armpits. It's still comfy, so it's definitely near the top of the rotation.

However, I found another bra at my local running store, and I have fallen in love. I have it in both black and white.

Moving Comfort Fiona sports bra

I love this thing. It stays put. It fits around my rib cage, and the shoulder straps are adjustable. It also wicks like nobody's business. I have become a Moving Comfort convert.

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