Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winter is coming

Whooo today was cold! I wasn't sure what my work schedule was going to be this afternoon, so I tried to get up this morning to go out for a run. "Tried" is the key word there. I got up, watched TV, sat around, and then had to go into work.

Luckily having to get ready for work and leave the house was the kick in the pants I needed for the rest of my day as well, not to mention the fact that my only client of the day came in to see me for a post-half-marathon massage, and mentioned the full she's doing in May. Nothing like seeing someone where you might want to be in the future for motivation!

There are some great trails around Westminster City Park, and I got myself lost on them this afternoon (no really, I got lost... I had to find some street signs when I came up to a major road to figure out where the heck I was!). It was a cold, dreary, snowy/rainy day.

The high for today was at 2am, and was a measly 36F. When I started running around 2pm, it was definitely spitting snow (changed into spitting rain by the end of my run). It was my first time running in this kind of weather, and I didn't know how it was going to go. By happy chance I wore the perfect amount of clothing -- a pair of capri tights, long-sleeve tech shirt, fleece vest, and a fleece hat. I wanted to run 4 miles, but got a little thrown off by a bit of walking I did in the middle to find street signs. In the end, I ended with a total of 4.4 miles of running, and with a pace of around a 12 minute mile, which is my best yet for any runs over 4 miles (honestly there haven't been that many). If this is a sign of how I run in the cold, bring on winter!

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