Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goodbye Saucony, Hello Brooks... again

I ate too much all weekend. I drank too much on Saturday. We hosted a pig roast at our house, second annual, and I feel like I put on 10lbs. I'm sure it's not that much, but uggghhhhhh...

Due to the overindulgences this weekend, I didn't get out for my "long run" (quotation marks because my "long run" isn't all that different from my shorter runs at this point in my training) on Sunday. I knew I had to get out there yesterday, although inertia had already set in and sitting on the couch just seemed so easy. Somehow I got the gumption to get off my butt and get out there.

I decided to take the new kicks out for run #2. I figured I'd go for 3 miles, today's scheduled run, and see how bad the damage was. I felt really good, didn't go out too fast, and ended up stretching it into a 4 mile run instead. The bad news, though, was that the new kicks gave me blisters. No bueno. I had bought them online at Road Runner Sports, so back to the store they went.

I got suckered into doing their ShoeDog gait analysis. It was fun and I was glad to have my self-analysis mostly verified or any remaining questions cleared up. I'm a fairly neutral runner, medium arches, with just a slight bit of overpronation in my right foot. I'm the line between Neutral and Stability, they said. Ooooh but I spent some money. I got the custom inserts they molded to my foot and replaced the sorry Sauconys with some badass Brooks; the Glycerin 10 to be exact.

Brooks Glycerin 10
I love the color of the new shoes, although the splashing about of the model name on the lateral side is a bit much. I'm planning on taking them out for a run tonight (with the custom inserts) and seeing how it goes. The shoe journey has taught me about my feet, my gait, and the fact that at least for now, I'm a Brooks girl.

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